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The Unmatched Legacy of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth:
A Look Back at "All Souled Out"

Album cover for 'All Souled Out' featuring a split-tone portrait of Pete Rock & CL Smooth with a bold red stamp logo.

In the rich history of hip hop, the debut EP by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, “All Souled Out” stands out as a pivotal release. Launched in the summer of 1991, this masterpiece not only solidified the duo’s position in the music world but also prefigured the evolution of the genre.

Embarking on a Musical Journey with Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Initially, Pete Rock & CL Smooth began their musical odyssey, crafting beats and rhymes that would eventually catch the eye of Elektra Records. Consequently, their signing with the label was a significant milestone, heralding the arrival of “All Souled Out”.

Crafting the Vision of "All Souled Out"

Indeed, “All Souled Out” was more than just an EP; it was a declaration of artistic intent. Serving as a precursor to their acclaimed album, “Mecca and the Soul Brother,” the EP showcased the duo’s distinctive blend of insightful lyricism and soul-infused production. Apart from “The Creator”, where Pete Rock shines solo, C.L. Smooth’s lyrical prowess seamlessly complements Rock’s beats.

The Deluxe Edition: A Revitalized Legacy

Furthermore, the release of a deluxe edition on February 18, 2014, by Traffic Entertainment Group, enhanced the EP’s significance. This version, featuring remixes and instrumental renditions of key tracks, reaffirmed the duo’s lasting influence on hip hop.

"The Creator": A Cultural Phenomenon

Moreover, “The Creator” transcended its initial release, securing a place in the opening credits of the 2015 Christmas film, “The Night Before”. This not only showcased the song’s enduring appeal but also bridged the gap between generations of hip hop fans.

"All Souled Out" is significant for its innovative blend of jazz-infused beats and insightful lyrics, setting a precedent for the genre's evolution.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth are a hip hop duo known for their influential sound that combines soulful beats with thoughtful lyrics.

The deluxe edition includes the original EP tracks along with remixes and instrumental versions of "The Creator" and "Mecca & the Soul Brother".

Yes, "The Creator" emerged as a modest hit from the EP, showcasing Pete Rock's production prowess.

"The Creator" was featured in the opening credits of the 2015 Christmas film, "The Night Before", highlighting its lasting impact.


In essence, Pete Rock & CL Smooth‘s “All Souled Out” is more than just an EP; it is a landmark in hip hop history. Its release not only signified the emergence of two of the genre’s most influential figures but also established a new benchmark for musical ingenuity. Reflecting on this EP, its enduring legacy continues to inspire, serving as a reminder of a time when hip hop was as much about crafting a message as it was about the beat.

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