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Beatles AI Song 'Now and Then' - Reshaping Music History

Beatles silhouette with AI circuit pattern overlay

A Historic AI Collaboration

The Beatles’ legacy endures through “Now and Then,” their AI-powered song. This track, spanning four minutes and eight seconds, is their first original 21st-century recording. It weaves history with futuristic AI, creating a seamless blend. As the song plays, a suspenseful countdown leads into a harmonious mix of guitar and piano. John Lennon’s voice then takes over, bridging decades. This shows the Beatles’ capacity for innovation, even today.

Generational Connection Through "Now and Then"

The Beatles have always resonated with fans from various generations. Their “New Beatles AI Song” continues this tradition. It links “Now and Then” with “Love Me Do,” their 1962 debut. This pairing forms a musical continuum from their beginnings to the present. It secures the Beatles’ place in the AI era.

Hear an excerpt from the final Beatles song

The Beatles, performing “Now and Then”

The Final Beatles Song: An Excerpt

The Beatles perform “Now and Then,” showcasing their timeless appeal. This performance is not just another song. It’s an AI-enhanced classic that invites listeners into a new Beatles experience.

Lennon's Demos: The Foundation of AI Innovation

The “New Beatles AI Song” draws from Lennon’s unreleased 1970s demos. Yoko Ono shared these with the band. They laid the groundwork for “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love.” Now, AI has transformed them into “Now and Then.”

Documenting "Now and Then"

A documentary short titled “The Beatles — Now And Then — The Last Beatles Song” offers a behind-the-scenes look. It documents the process of extracting Lennon’s vocals and piano from the original tapes. AI restoration techniques made this possible.

The Beatles standing together in a timeless group photo featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr

AI Revolutionizes Beatles Restoration

The restoration and completion of “Now and Then” in 2022 was a pivotal moment. It demonstrated AI’s ability to preserve and enhance the legacies of music icons.

McCartney on AI: Merging Past and Future

Paul McCartney has shared his thoughts on AI in music production. He combines a sense of nostalgia with a progressive mindset. His excitement about AI reflects the Beatles’ enduring impact on music.

Starr Affirms Authenticity in the AI Era

Ringo Starr has verified the authenticity of Lennon’s contributions to “Now and Then.” He emphasizes the band’s dedication to their music’s integrity, even as they explore AI’s possibilities.

"Now and Then": A Collaborative Effort

The track features Harrison’s slide guitar from the 1995 sessions, with McCartney and Starr adding bass and drums. Giles Martin, son of the Beatles’ producer George Martin, crafted a string arrangement, reminiscent of the band’s ambitious classics.

Anticipating the "Now and Then" Video

The “Now and Then” music video, directed by Peter Jackson, is set to premiere soon. It will be a visual celebration of the Beatles’ journey. The video includes personal footage and unseen films. It will add depth to the Beatles’ storied legacy.

Peter Jackson's Directional Expertise

Peter Jackson’s work on the “Now and Then” music video combines storytelling with musical innovation. His direction adds cinematic depth, potentially introducing the Beatles to new fans.

Jackson's Narrative Vision

There is high anticipation for Jackson’s take on the Beatles’ legacy. His vision for the “Now and Then” music video is to create more than just a backdrop for the song. He aims to weave a narrative that respects the Beatles’ history while pushing creative boundaries.

Cinematic Storytelling Meets Musical Innovation

Jackson’s use of cutting-edge technology in filmmaking complements the innovative spirit of the “New Beatles AI Song.” His documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” brought the band’s early days to life with new clarity. This technological expertise is expected to add a unique dimension to the “Now and Then” music video.

A New Standard for Music Videos

Jackson’s involvement suggests a new benchmark for music video production. It combines AI and film techniques in a way that could redefine the genre.

The "Now and Then" Video: A Cinematic Event

For fans of Jackson and the Beatles, the “Now and Then” music video is more than a new release. It’s a cinematic event that deepens the Beatles’ lore. It stands as a testament to the innovative potential at the intersection of music and film.

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